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Trading Desk

We trade Bitcoin since 2010 and have the experience to take your portfolio to another level. More…

Cold Storage

Your Crypto Assets are safe from hackers and stored offline. We provide expert IT knowledge. More…


You ask – we provide information to all crypto assets and long term views.


Staking and Masternodes

Stake and bake new coins with us. We support all common POS and Masternode coins. More…

For Coin and Exchange Devs 

Whitepaper, Illustrations, Roadmaps, Exchange and CMC listing, translations and Medium Articles for your needs. English and german language provided.

Please send your inquiry for individual quotation to dev@bitcoin-meister.de

We are supporting the Standard Nursery Fruit school in Uganda.

Meet the Team

“Hello. My name is Stefan. I trust in Bitcoin and the technology behind it. Feel free to contact us any time for any question”.

Stefan Zaunreither


“My name is Tanja and i support my husband in any way possible. Together we are a strong team. Let us change the world together”.

Tanja Zaunreither


Meet our Partners

Green World Project GWP

The Green World Project forms a foundation for building a better, greener and environment-friendly planet.

Elya Coin

ELYA is the native cryptocurrency of ElyaTel, a provider of telecommunications services. The core of our idea is to provide anonymous ElyaTel SIM cards that can be paid with anonymous ELYA Coins.

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Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet