Bitcoin Meister will apply for Bafin license

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Bitcoin Meister will apply for a Bafin license in 2020

The Bitcoin Meister project was founded in march 2018 and went live with the website in november 2018.

The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority - BaFin for short - unites the supervision of banks and financial service providers, insurers and securities trading under one roof.

Bitcoin Meister will soon apply for the Bafin and will write the first letter – a declaration of intent – until the end of march 2020. 
Therefore Bitcoin Meister will apply for becoming a regulated exchange based in Germany and regulated by the german Bafin and EU regulatory instances.
Until the licenses are in place, we have so called uncle rights. Uncle rights give us the power, to fully operate now. The license has to be approved until end of November 2020.

Bitcoin Meister also will make an own ICO or STO including a prospectus which is required for the “Wertpapierhandelsgesetz”.

We will build the needed ecosystem for cryptocurrencies in Europe and be a bridge between banks and cryptocurrencies. As a verified user of Bitcoin Meister you can buy, swap and sell cryptocurrencies easily and affordably.
With our new KYC/AML (know your customer)/(anti money laundering) system we already comply with the laws of the European Union.


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