UPDATE Announcement of competition by Bitcoin Meister in direct cooperation with Green World Project

We celebrate the cooperation between Bitcoin Meister and Green World Project and the official opening of the Bitcoin Meister merchandising shop.

What can I win?
First price 500.000 GWP worth 500€
Second price 250.000 GWP worth 250€
Third price 100.000 GWP worth 100€
Fourth price Unisex T-Shirt like shown in the picture with free shipping
Fifth price Mug turtle like shown in the picture with free shipping
For EVERY purchase of a least 10€ a 500 GWP Token airdrop

The Token can not be converted to € and will only be paid out with GWP Token. Please note that at the time of writing it is not yet possible to exchange the token.

The competition will be extended until 31.10.2019. All purchased products until now still count.

How does the competition work?
When you buy merchandising in the Bitcoin Meister shop, you will receive 1 lottery ticket. for every 10€ you spend. There is no maximum you can spend in the shop. If you spend 100€ you will take part with 10 lottery tickets, 1000€ 100 tickets and so on. Please note that you can pay with Bank transfer, Paypal including credit cards, Bitcoin +34 other cryptocurrencies like Groestlcoin or Electroneum Instant Payments. The minimum order is 10€ to receive 1 lottery ticket and to get the 500 GWP Token airdrop. NOW FOR EVERY ORDER AND PERSON ONLY 1 TICKET NO MATTER HOW BIG THE ORDER IS! – 10 EUR minumum still counts.

Which articles do count in the shop?
Only Green World merchandising articles are qualified to take part in the competition. If you only buy other merchandising not related to GWP you will not receive a lottery ticket.

What do I need to receive my Green World Project Tokens and when I will get those tokens?
You need a metamask wallet because GWP is a ERC-20 Token. Metamask is a browser extension available for the most common browsers. Setup an account if you have not yet and save your private keys to get access to your wallet even if you forgot the password. The Token winnings including all airdrops will be paid out after the competition and the lottery are finished and between 2th-7th september.

How do I purchase merchandising products?
A complete guide can be found here.
Please make sure to input your Metamask wallet address you created before at checkout. We changed the checkout to a new 2-step checkout to provide better compatibility for mobile phones.

Example of ERC-20 Ethereum address

Who is able to take part in the competition?
Everyone in the world except the blocked countries prohibiting cryptocurrencies like Afghanistan or North Korea.
You have to be at least 18 years old to purchase or you can ask your parents to buy it.

How long does the competition last?
The competition begins now and lasts until 31th August 11:59 pm GMT+1

When and where will the winners be announced?
Bitcoin Meister will announce the winners live on Youtube or Bittube on Monday 2th september. The winners will be drawn by a neutral person. Bitcoin Meister and Green World Project will announce the exact time and channel on 1th september in the social media channels and on this page.

Bitcoin Meister Discord main chat
Green World Project Telegram main chat

About Bitcoin Meister and Green World Project

Bitcoin Meister is supporting cryptocurrencies since november 2018 and has an online shop selling different crypto assets. The shop is located in Germany and now also has merchandising available in the shop providing shipping worldwide.

Green World Project wants to build a better future for our environment and is currently building up a green marketplace where customers will buy green products with GWP Token. There will also be an IEO where Green World Project will sell their token initially. An exact date in not yet given. There are lots of things that Green World Project will do for a green planet in the future.

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Crypto Assets have a high volatility and there is a risk of losing invested capital. Only invest what you can lose.
We are not responsible for any losses during the transfer, losses for the asset itself or if you gave us a wrong address.

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