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This service provides all you need on the go to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. You can sell crypto and send to EURO and USD bank accounts. You also can swap one coin for another coin. The choice is yours. If you have not verified yet you can also complete this step in the form. For this service you have to be a registered user. KYC is needed only if your monthly volume exceeds 500 EURO.

Provide your correct first and last name in the fields.
Please provide a valid E-Mail address. This is important for all conversations between you and our company.
Please provide your correct date of birth.
Please select the coin you want to sell or swap.
Input the exact number of Coins or FIAT money you will send
Please select whether you want to transfer to EURO, USD or crypto account.
Bank: IBAN: BIC: Alternatively please input your wallet address and the coin if you want to swap to another coin.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 3 files.
For KYC (know your customer) and anti money laundering laws you have to provide your personal details. Please send a copy of your ID or passport with front, back and a selfie with the current date and passport or ID holding in your hands. You can use .jpeg, .jpg, .pdf and .png files for upload. If you have already done this one time you can skip this step. You have to provide these details only if your volume exceeds 500 EURO per month.
After your order is confirmed and executed you will receive a bill with all details given.
For EURO bank transfer there a 2% fees. Not including exchange and transfer fees involving swaps and transfers from crypto into FIAT money. Effective rate approximately 2.5% and depending on cryptocurrencies. Additional 5 EURO fee for USD bank account transfers. Swap fees: 1% for coins listed on Binance, others 2%. The calculator provided by third parties is always only showing the current rates without fees. The time of the swap counts and will be executed in between 24 hours after the coins or the FIAT money arrived in our account.
Please complete the captcha to proceed.


Crypto Assets have a high volatility and there is a risk of losing invested capital. Only invest what you can lose.
We are not responsible for any losses during the transfer, losses for the asset itself or if you gave us a wrong address.

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