How to order coins and tokens at Bitcoin Meister

This is a step by step guide how to order coins or tokens on respective
Coins and Tokens will be sent to your personal wallet and only to EU citizens.
Swap for 35+ other cryptocurrencies or buy with €.

Your coins, your wallet, your private keys.

At Bitcoin Meister, we believe that coins always should belong to the customer and therefore we do not have any own wallets holding for the customer.
The customers will always receive the coins or tokens on their personal wallets.
The customers also have the full responsibility for their coins. Because you are your own bank! With the new era of cryptocurrencies your bank account will become obsolete in the future. So why should you open a new similar to a bank account crypto account like Coinbase? There is no need for it.

You buy coins and tokens at Bitcoin Meister because you do not need any exchange (any more) and save time. Imagine waiting for a buy order all day if you could just buy at Bitcoin Meister and save a lot of time. After you purchase the coins it only takes up to 24 hours for sending your ordered coins to your wallet.

We buy at the current market price with the best rates possible and we have no hot wallets. So it is not possible to attack or harm us in any way. If a hacker would get access to your personal account on Bitcoin Meister, it will never be possible to steal your coins or tokens, because they are on your own wallet.

Step 1
Make sure you are on the correct website and check the ssl connection.
If you open without https:// an error will occur and the cookie notice will not disappear.

Make sure the ssl connection is correct

Step 2
Navigate to shop in the menu and select coins under main categories.

Select Coins

Step 3
Open coins and tokens page
Once you have chosen a coin or token you can simply click on it and the product details page will appear.

An overview of coins and tokens. Click on any product for details.

Step 4
Select any Coins or Tokens you want to buy. The detail page will open.

Step 5
Add products to basket and view your basket.
You chose the product you like to order and now want to add it to the basket by simply clicking on the “Add to basket” button.

The basket shows your chosen product with price of the product, shipping costs, VAT and Total. There is no shipping cost for coins or tokens. There are withdraw fees and blockchain transfer fees and the amount depends on blockchain and used exchange.

If you want to purchase coins or tokens above 500€ please verify for KYC/AML standards. You find Yoti at the right widget bar.

Step 6
Proceed to checkout by clicking on the blue “Proceed to checkout” button.
Input your personal billing details and choose your payment method.

Please notice that coins and tokens are only sold to EU citizens. If you order outside EU your order could be rejected later. We will refund you if you are not allowed to purchase coins. (-withdraw fees)

You can choose between Bank Transfer (EU and € only and 2% fee), Electroneum instant payment system and Cryptocurrency. Paypal is not available to buy cryptocurrencies.
When choosing “Cryptocurrency” as a payment method you can choose between more as 35 different cryptocurrencies. Swapping your coins with other cryptocurrencies is welcome. No additional fees will appear.
The fees for swapping is 1%-2%.

IMPORTANT! Make sure to input the correct Wallet Address for your coin!

Step 7
Finalise your buy order by clicking the blue “Buy Now” button. You will be forwarded to the payment page. The payment page may look different depending on which payment method you have chosen. Once the payment has been noticed by our system, your coins or tokens will be sent out in a time window of 24 hours. If you need coins more urgent please call us.

Make sure you agree to our Terms and Conditions, Right of Recission and Privacy Policy
Example is shown an order with payment method “bank transfer”

If you swap coins or tokens the correct address where to send your coins will be shown including QR-Code, simply scan to your mobile phone.

Step 8
Please leave a review after receiving your coins or tokens.
Other customers will thank you for your review and will make it easier for them to purchase a product.

Any questions left? Just leave us an email or join the Discord server.

Sell your coins to €? Send inquiry to


Crypto Assets have a high volatility and there is a risk of losing invested capital. Only invest what you can lose.
We are not responsible for any losses during the transfer, losses for the asset itself or if you gave us a wrong address.

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