Payment options and shipping costs

Shipping Costs

Physical Goods

Germany : Please see here for the shipping costs. All Merchandising products are shipped by our partner Printful.

International: Please see here for the shipping costs. All Merchandising products are shipped by our partner Printful.

A detailed map of shipping costs and delivery time:


2% – 1% shop fees plus Blockchain and Exchange Transfer Fees, Exchange buy and sell fees (e.g Binance 0,1% order fee), (e.g Binance Coin Withdraw fees)

Binance fees

Bittrex fees

Huobi fees

Delivery times

Physical products:

5-20 business days

Coins and other virtual products:

24 hours after payment

Crypto Payments

Pay with a lot of Crypto Assets

Bitcoin 12QP1Ht3mpuF1kYbVpqRf9sVRvjDfGmjyb

Bitcoin Cash 12QP1Ht3mpuF1kYbVpqRf9sVRvjDfGmjyb

Bitcoin Gold GWSx3Nir6cXN3Cv5WEajTvKwhqDgVWCMhW

Bancor 0x44a0fcc1c266adc0c5a8dc2dc04596a7d79d7d35

Basic Attention Token 0x44a0fcc1c266adc0c5a8dc2dc04596a7d79d7d35CloakCoin

CLOAK C1FRrKzWBeayVS13pS76TH8F5SnHno3Xfu

Dash Xw6EuGYQHxDGXxS415d8jo2gEFGBjSK42b

Decred DsikTV3QS7FE2FhK4RiVsGoP9dboERdCFTj

Enjin Coin 0x44a0fcc1c266adc0c5a8dc2dc04596a7d79d7d35

Ethereum Classic 0x44a0fcc1c266adc0c5a8dc2dc04596a7d79d7d35

Ethereum 0x44a0fcc1c266adc0c5a8dc2dc04596a7d79d7d35FunFair

FUN 0x44a0fcc1c266adc0c5a8dc2dc04596a7d79d7d35

Gifto 0x44a0fcc1c266adc0c5a8dc2dc04596a7d79d7d35

Golem 0x44a0fcc1c266adc0c5a8dc2dc04596a7d79d7d35

Groestlcoin FkJoF2yCAgG2DbH2CUXYF7vH2Rn4QcWoiT

Kyber Network Crystal 0x44a0fcc1c266adc0c5a8dc2dc04596a7d79d7d35

Litecoin LhY3LahsyB9H7NmQwBWXHCvsnumYe4VWPh

Loom 0x44a0fcc1c266adc0c5a8dc2dc04596a7d79d7d35

MetalPay 0x44a0fcc1c266adc0c5a8dc2dc04596a7d79d7d35

Omisego 0x44a0fcc1c266adc0c5a8dc2dc04596a7d79d7d35

Populous 0x44a0fcc1c266adc0c5a8dc2dc04596a7d79d7d35

Pundi X Token 0x44a0fcc1c266adc0c5a8dc2dc04596a7d79d7d35

Raiden 0x44a0fcc1c266adc0c5a8dc2dc04596a7d79d7d35

Tron TT1H19gWqkbYVsmyiiF81kKfuXSQwre8o4

Verge D9c4WK4N648hiVJSNvRg4TkwbzHGwecMYu


Zcash t1Kt1xeo3oe7ZUPxwRjZSAFQTqsAg596PfZ

0xProject ZRX 0x44a0fcc1c266adc0c5a8dc2dc04596a7d79d7d35

Augur REP 0x44a0fcc1c266adc0c5a8dc2dc04596a7d79d7d35

Status Network 0x44a0fcc1c266adc0c5a8dc2dc04596a7d79d7d35

Storm 0x44a0fcc1c266adc0c5a8dc2dc04596a7d79d7d35

TrueUSD 0x44a0fcc1c266adc0c5a8dc2dc04596a7d79d7d35

USD Coin 0x44a0fcc1c266adc0c5a8dc2dc04596a7d79d7d35

Electroneum Instant Payment System IPS

With Electroneum Instant Payments, you can pay with Electroneum Coins and the purchase is immediately considered paid after confirmation. So you can save waiting times when sending. To use Electroneum Instant Payments, you must register at There is an app for Android and for IOs. In addition, you can easily open and manage your account through the website. Electroneum Instant Payments offers very low fees. We look forward to your payment with Electroneum.

EURO Bank Transfer

With the classic bank transfer, you simply send the total amount to our bank account. Once the payment has arrived, we will ship the goods.


Crypto Assets have a high volatility and there is a risk of losing invested capital. Only invest what you can lose.
We are not responsible for any losses during the transfer, losses for the asset itself or if you gave us a wrong address.

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