Staking and Masternodes

We provide All-In-One Stake and Masternode Services.

Benefits of POS and Masternode

  • High interest rates
  • Securing the network
  • Passive income. Coins can be converted to fiat
  • Much less power usage then POW coins
  • Green saving energy for the environment

Your benefits choosing us

  • Managing Masternodes and Staking on german servers
  • No hidden fees
  • Fast setup
  • Cancel subscription monthly
  • No own hardware needed
  • Payout to your wallet, ledger or fiat bank account
  • Various coins available
  • Fast response time

Fees for Masternodes

Starting 12 Euro paid monthly

First Setup of Masternode 30 Euro flat

Choose from various Masternodes below

Masternode Recommendations

Coin            Price in Euro   ROI in %         Monthly income in Euro                 Yearly Income in Euro

DASH        132.000,00          6,8                             739,17                                             8993,25

ZCoin         8.720,00            25,55                          183,12                                             2228,01

PIVX          11.797,00           9,77                             94,53                                              1150,00

Prices from 02.11.2018

Provided Masternodes

DASH, ZCoin, EtherZero, PIVX, Linda, Loki Service Nodes and more.

Fees for Proof of Stake

No setup fee

20% of staked coins as flat fee for maintaining and keep it running 24/7

You have to provide the coins, fees for transfer depend on blockchain

Supported POS Proof of stake coins

Please send inquiry, we can support nearly every POS coin you want to stake.

For example Linda, Elya, NPXS Pundi etc.

Please send your inquiry to


Crypto Assets have a high volatility and there is a risk of losing invested capital. Only invest what you can lose.
We are not responsible for any losses during the transfer, losses for the asset itself or if you gave us a wrong address.

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