We provide All-In-One Stake Services.

Benefits of POS

  • Generate Passive income
  • High interest rates
  • Securing the network
  • Much less power usage then POW coins
  • Green: saving energy for the environment

Your benefits choosing us

  • No hidden fees
  • Fast setup
  • Cancel subscription monthly
  • No own hardware needed
  • Payout to your wallet, ledger or fiat bank account
  • Various coins available
  • Fast response time ​

You only have to provide the coins to start.

CoinFee per found blockFee per contract duration (counting for interest rates only)Contract durationExpected income
NEO-5%1 year2,41% in $GAS
ELYA2%-1 month
ETH2%-1 yeartba
others2%5%1 month - 1 yearvarious
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