How to order merchandising products at Bitcoin Meister

This is a step by step guide how to order merchandising products on respective
All merchandising products are shipped worldwide.

Step 1
Make sure you are on the correct website and check the ssl connection.

Make sure to check the ssl connection first

Step 2
Open the shopping page by clicking on Shop in the menu.

Select Merchandise
An overview of merchandising products is showing up

Step 3
Open product details
Once you have chosen a product you can simply click on it and the product details page will appear.

The product page has some tabs for your notice.
Description shows the details of the product. The product brand tab is showing the brand. In additional information you find things like weight of the product and also a size chart.

Step 4
Add products to basket and view your basket.
You chose the product you like to order and now want to add it to the basket by simply clicking on the blue “Add to basket” button.

This notice shows the product is in the basket now

We highly recommend you to choose “Economy” as shipping method. This method is the cheapest one and all the products have to be fulfilled anyway first.

The basket shows your chosen product with price of the product, shipping costs, VAT and Total.

Step 5
Proceed to checkout by clicking on the blue “Proceed to checkout” button.
Input your personal billing details and choose your payment method.

After you have input billing details the correct VAT for your country is shown. Please notice that customs can occur if shipped to countries outside EU. Anyway, there is no customs for US citizens. There are some products only shipped from USA like the Organic T-Shirt. If you order the organic T-Shirt or eco tote bag from USA and ship to EU, additional customs can occur.

You can choose between Bank Transfer (EU and € only), Paypal (also can pay with credit card), Electroneum instant payment system and Cryptocurrency.
When choosing “Cryptocurrency” as a payment method you can choose between 34 different cryptocurrencies at the time of writing. Paying your merchandising with cryptocurrencies is welcome.

The correct VAT is now shown below

Step 6
Finalise your buy order by clicking the blue “Buy Now” button. You will be forwarded to the payment page. The payment page may look different depending on which payment method you have chosen. Once the payment has been noticed by our system, your merchandising products will be fulfilled by our partner and then shipped. The shipping usually takes 5–20 business days depending on your country and chosen shipping method.
You will also receive a tracking code for your shipment once out.

Make sure you agree to our Terms and Conditions, Right of Recission and Privacy Policy
Example is shown an order with payment method “bank transfer”

Step 7
Please leave a review after receiving your products.
Other customers will thank you for your review and will make it easier for them to purchase a product.

Any questions left? Just leave us an email or join the Discord server.


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