Social project in Uganda receives first donations in Bitcoin UPDATE

The Standard Nursery Fruit School in Uganda is our first social project, which supports with the income from affiliate links and donations.

Students have a lot of fun learning

In the middle of 2018 I saw pictures on Facebook of the Standard Nursery School in Uganda. Since I had wanted to be socially involved for a long time, I contacted the teacher Muhumuza Prosper Proman. Of course, I had doubts about the authenticity of the whole affair. Fraudsters today, as we know, are using every opportunity to get money. After several conversations with Proman, I realized that this school in Uganda will be my first project.

Standard Nursery Fruit School teacher Mu
humuza Prosper Proman

During this time I was still in the master school and was in the process of creating So I had little to no financial leeway to support the school. Over the next few weeks, I showed Proman and described how to use the Electroneum app. After some problems it finally worked out and Proman had his first Electroneum Coins on his mobile wallet. So now it is possible to send money in other forms worldwide. And all without a bank, limitless. Proman then sought acceptance points in his country, where the currency there is exposed to high inflation. And behold, there are already shops in Uganda that like to be in Bitcoin and Co. want to be paid.

The school is still under construction. Windows and doors are missing, among other things.

Since I was still building my business, I decided to ask a good friend if they would like to support the project financially. He has been involved in social projects for a long time and soon contacted the teacher Proman. He then supported Proman for school and for his wedding.

Muhumuza Prosper Proman with his wife at the wedding

My first donation in kind was footballs for the children. So I ordered three new footballs from FC Bayern Munich and sent them off. After three weeks of fear, the balls finally arrived in Uganda.

A FC Bayern Football is already in use. (left)

How can I donate or participate in the project? Easy. Either log in to one of the exchanges with an affiliate link or donate directly to our Coin donation accounts. Affiliate revenues go to 50% social projects. Donation accounts go 100% to social projects.

Here you can find our donation accounts:

Here you can find our affiliate links:

At the end of February, the first affiliate donation goes to the Standard Nursery Fruit School. So far, 0.008 Bitcoin has come together. Are we creating more? A separate article on earnings will be published at the end of February.


All this is still needed. Toilets, water kitchen, canteen, crockery, food, shoes, some clothes, socks, crayons exer
cise books, tablets, history books. As long as there are not enough tables and chairs, the children have to work on the floor of each classroom, there is a lot of dust and brings diseases to children. Metal doors on each classroom and on the windows,
paying the teachers (currently the teachers work for free). Toys for the children are also urgently needed.

The school must be fenced, as required by the school board and the authorit
ies. Desks for the children, an office, a shop and more classrooms are planned in the medium term.

Do you have further questions about social projects, or would you like to propose a project yourself? Then write an email to donate(at)

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